Friday, February 7, 2014

Why the United States Should NOT Intervene in Syria

You know one thing that pisses me off? When people say "THE UNITED STATES SHOULD INTERVENE IN SYRIA"


First of all, anyone who claims that the U.S. should intervene obviously has not even the slightest idea what the U.S. has done in it's past interventions. If they would read some basic history, they would know that EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY THE U.S. HAS INTERVENED IN WENT TO SHIT. Want some examples? Then read on. 

We all know the story of what happened here, after the U.S. was founded, they slowly began "resolving" the problem of native Americans. Taking away their land, massacres, and giving them no rights. FOR ANYONE SAYING THIS IS NOT AN INTERVENTION, YES IT IS. AS SOON AS THESE PEOPLE CAME TO AMERICA SHIT HAPPENED FOR THE NATIVES. 

After gaining independence from Spain, Mexicans invited Americans into their land. Long story short, after this happened, everything went to shit. United States ended up taking a HUGEEEEE part of Mexican land including Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona OMG wtf and more!!! 

Brave Cubans were fighting Spain for their independence and unites states decided to "help" out. Actually they were just opportunistic bastards who were interested in the recourses Cuba had, such as timber sugar tobacco etc. anyway, United States intervened in Cuba, beat Spain in three months. 
What a happy story, right? 


Quoting Howard Zinn's A People's History:
"When the Spanish surrendered, no Cuban was allowed to confer on the surrender, or to sign it. General William Shafter said no armed rebels could enter the city of Santiago and told the Cuban rebel leader, General Calixto Garcia that the old Spanish civil authorities, would remain in charge of of the municipal offices in Santiago"

From "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn (page 309) 



The United States called the Cuban rebels "savages" but of course what was going on in the United States during this time, the lynching, KKK, people dying of hunger, etc etc and the government doing nothing, is perfectly civilized. 

Yeah. Don't look for logic. CUZ THEIR IS NONE.  

The United States claimed that their reasoning behind not letting Cuban rebels enter Santiago was because the United States "feared" the rebels would take "revenge" on the Spaniards. 


Then General Garcia claimed this was a ridiculous idea and said that we are not savages but that "we are a poor, ragged army, as ragged and poor as was the army of your forefathers in their noble fight for independence" 


Okay this is starting to be a history class but come on! Doesn't this make you angry?!?? 

We can't forget about the Philippines! United States wanted to conquer the  Philippines because they wanted to spread United States democracy: here is president Mckinley's decision regarding the Philippines: 

(Also from People's History)
Freaking crazy!!!!! Then they proceeded to the Philippines and killed thousands and thousands and thousands of people. Nice! Don't forget about the Moro massacre, where 600 innocent civilians were killed by U.S troops. 

Yes, we definitely want the United States to interve in Syria! 

The United States also promised to give the phillipines democracy and liberty, yet they were unable to give that liberty and democracy to African Americans, CITIZENS of the nation. 

United States
Definition: hypocrisy in its purest form

And their is also Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, Vietnam, and many other interventions. In fact, between 1798 and 1895 the United States had a recoded 103 intervention on the affairs of other countries. FREAKING 103!!!!!!
And let's not forget Iraq and Afghanistan! 

So wait after all this, now when it comes to Syria, the united states are Ghandi and care about Syria? Please. 

And don't say "history doesn't repeat itself" yes, but the tactics that the United States used are alwayyyyys used again. 

So the United States has a very nice, lovely history about past interventions, hence all the countries the United States involved itself in went to shit, sometimes deep shit, yet people STILL WANT THE UNITED STATES TO INTERVENE IN SYRIA?!??? CRAZY FUCKERS! 


What do you think will happen? The United States Army will fight assad and defeat him and then leave Syria be? Yeah right. Look at Cuba. They didn't even let the rebels inside Santiago and told them the spanish officials were going to remain. Are you so certain they won't do that in Syria? How? What about Iraq? That's still pretty recent, what happened when the United States intervened - sorry, fought off weapons of mass destruction? 
Oh yeah 


Now, if the United States wants to send aid to Syria, that would be fine, good in fact. As in medical aid, food, shelter etc etc. 

BUT the United States will NEVERRRRR do that. Why? Because it offers ZERO benefits to the United States. Oh it will make them look like humanitarians? Too late for that. 

Now of course I want assad gone and I know he is horrible and all, but the United States intervening will not help AT ALLLLLLL. I cannot emphasize that enought! It will only make everything worse! 

Besides this, the United States should focus on its own problems. Want to help Syria with medicine? Why don't you first secure healthcare for people here? Want to help out Syria? Why don't you help those who don't have jobs? And on and on and on and on and on. 

All in all, the United States should not intervene. NOOOOOOO NEVERRRRR

Yet SOOOOOOOOO many people are smitten with the idea of U.S. intervention! Like they actually believe the U.S. are going to be the heroes of the revolution and are going to spread their hypocrisy democracy to Syria! LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE PEOPLE:

For example, this one chick:

LINK for the full article. Warning, illogical talk ahead. 

"Completely different from Iraq" How so? So the U.S. has put its bad past behind and suddenly are Mother Teresa? 

"We should do it from afar, click some buttons (WTF) and take Assad out" WOW she is a war strategist! 

"Once you do that and stop the killing, then America should leave them alone and let Syria figure itself out" 
Yeah how many times has the U.S. done that, help a country out and then leave quietly? 

Oh yeah, ZERO TIMES. 

And check out this article by CNN (LINK)

Check out their 5 fabulously logical reasons as to why the U.S. should intervene in Syria: 

PRIDE: more important than life

Wait what? 


Now we wouldn't want to look like pansies 


Are their 5 reason fab or what? Did you notice something though? 

Not one of the reasons was something like "the people in syria are dying we must intervene to help them" or "the death toll count is too high this has gone far enough"

The reasons were all in one way or another BENEFICIAL TO THE U.S. 

Think again when you say you want U.S. intervention. 


Anonymous Syrian 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trying So Very Hard and Failing

I went to an event yesterday for Syria. Now, time and time again I am proved right when it comes to these events, they are always failures/jokes. 

Now this event was supposed to be for Dr. Rateb Nabulsi, a well known scholar from Syria. Around 650 people came to this event, all eager to hear him speak. 

Check out this loser 

Besides the usual things wrong with these events unorganized/too crowded/can't even hear the speakers cause no one will shut up/etc, the fucking doctor ONLY SPOKE FOR 20 MINUTES, AND HE DIDNT EVEN MENTION SYRIA.

This begs the question: WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY?!?!?!? 

Don't give me that "oh he's afraid, he still wants to go back to Syria" shit, don't fucking come to the stupid event, you half fucked doctor. You are a disgrace. But it's not your fault, the real people to blame are the idiots who brought you to speak at an event for Syria. And the idiots such as myself who decided to give these stupid events a chance even thought they ALWAYS without a doubt will be a failure. 

Now the ONE good thing about this event was this lady who had come from the Moadamiya came to this event and spoke of the atrocities that happens in her city. Almost everyone in the room was sobbing, and crying. And when she finished her speech, she received a standing ovation. I was thrilled that this girl spoke and inside my head I thought 

"who needs the dumb dr. we came here to see, this girl is awesome, she moved us all now I'm sure more people will donate money to the cause"

But that poor girl put her faith in the wrong people. She told us tearfully that people in Syria were counting on us and how we wouldn't let them down, but we did. When the fundraiser started, a grand total of maybe ten people raised their hands to donate money. The girl came up and begged people to donate as much as they could and she assured them that the money would reach those in need, still no one raised their hands. 


I couldn't even believe this had happened. I was sure that after this girl spoke, we'd easily raise a 100k. I was very very very very wrong. 

And to make things worse, the dumb ass "dr." spoke ZERO words on Syria. All he talked about was raising your kids or some stupid shit like that. Excuse me we are not here to hear your stupid advise. 

The poor girl from Moadamiya left the room CRYING her heart out. Because we LET HER DOWN. SHE AND HER PEOPLE WRE SUFFERING AND WE SHOWED HER THAT WE DIDNT CARE. At least most of the people did. 

This further proves my point that most of the Syrians here go to these events to socialize and to eat food. NOT to help people out. This was kind of the last straw for me. I still had a LITTLE hope that SOME people were still decent, but that hope is gone now. Now how many times did I say that? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I SAID THAT MOST OF THE PEOPLE HERE ARE PHONIES? Oh yeah, a hundred freaking times. 

No. No one listens. 

I wish I could see that girl again, but I'm going to assume she'll never come to these sorry ass events again. And neither will I. 

Anonymous Syrian

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I think I've mentioned many times how much I despise hypocrisy. To me, it is the ugliest, most horrendous characteristic. Again, as I said, everyone is a hypocrite, to an EXTENT. Like maybe you tell your sibling they can't do something and then a day later you do it. ONE TIME. Big deal,  everyone does that. But what I fucking cannot stand are people who preach DAILY about whatever, and MANY of their actions go against whatever they preach. 

So today I'm going to tell you about some hypocrites that I've seen over the course of my life. 

So this one lady, let's call her A. Now A loves to preach about forgiveness and love. Now as for me, their is this one lady that I hate. I don't like to talk to her cuz I don't like her. I don't even say hi when I see her or acknowledge her existence Life is simpler that way. Pretty innocent right? Now A decides to come along and preach to me how what I am doing is wrong. 
"You can't not say hi to her, she is like your mother" 

"You can't say you don't like her, we must not hate other" 

"You've known her for a long time, you must be at least a little kind to her" 

Ghandi I swear! 
Now this would have been okay, and I actually would have accepted her advice had not been her hypocrisy. Allow me to explain: 
Incident number one:
One of A's friends tells A's daughter to stop picking on her daughter. A goes to her friend and threatens to call the cops on her if she talks to her daughter again. 

You want me taking advise from a lady like that? Yeah, I thought so. 

Incident number 2: 
A's son is playing with this other boy, who ACCIDENTLAY hits A's son while playing. A goes into the class the poor little boy is and slaps him IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS. Then she says she will never let that boy come into her house again. 

And this would've all been fine, had it not been for the fact that A fucking preaches about forgiveness and love ALL THE TIME. STFU YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE. 

Crazy right? There's more 

Now another lady (let's call her B) doesn't like the fact that I hate that one lady that I refuse to say hi too. She comes and preaches to me about how wrong I am. Okay. 
Here's the catch, just a few days before she claimed that a friends inlaws were over and she REFUSED TO SAY HI TO THEM because she said that weren't helping her friend with the chores. 


"We should forgive each other" says those who can't forgive a friend because they didn't invite them to a dinner. Say wuuuuut?!?

This is strait up hypocrisy. And it's despicable. I HATEEEEEEEEEEE hypocrisy. I cannot emphasize that enough. 

Do you have any crazy hypocrites you know?